when you fall in love, it's like selling your soul to someone else. to devote your time and energy to benefit another, and you can only hope to have that same attention blessed to your own soul.
i wonder why i delve into making myself happy with people in other countries. i realize that indulging in things that make me feel like someone else is worthwhile for me.

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Constellation: Leo 

Ahhhhhh space lion!!!!

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levi & violin
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hYung dont forgEt

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Color candy hearts love loose long-sleeved short fleece from asian fashion kawaii 

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“some angels are destined to fall”

I distorted “reality” and turned KangWoo (Kyungsoo’s drama character) into an angel - i am still in shock at his acting… and i actually relate KangWoo to an angel…. tho i haven’t seen the drama, just some cuts from it u_u-

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