when you fall in love, it's like selling your soul to someone else. to devote your time and energy to benefit another, and you can only hope to have that same attention blessed to your own soul.
i wonder why i delve into making myself happy with people in other countries. i realize that indulging in things that make me feel like someone else is worthwhile for me.

susie bick for yohji yamamoto f/w 1988 ad campaign, ph by nick knight.





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The Lost Planet in Shanghai

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by EXO            
[] || [thnx] || [DL] || *requested by quigglesmcniggles but not really b/c i failed at what they wanted originally ;o; * || *its best to listen w/ headphones c: *
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The past MAMA Era

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Kyungsoo for Ceci. (6/14)

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when he was just a boy
he expected the world
but it flew away from his reach
so he ran away in his sleep

luhan day: t-24

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